Because you're worth it...

Not only a book, Worth the Wahala, is also a movement. There is value in knowing your worth and never settling for less! Join the journey...

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A speaker and changer of lives, Borley, uses her powers for good. With a focus on advancing the Kingdom of God, the author of the provoking, Worth the Wahala, and graduate of Spelman College, challenges many to know their worth, make wise decisions and be the best they can be.

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Worth the Wahala

Life is So Much Better When You Know Your Worth

What an amazing and inspirational book! This is a must reed for millennial women, especially those of Christian faith.

Kia Benion

Love this book! Perfect straight to the point read for young millennial women trying to stay focused in a world that tells them to live a life of "whatever floats your boat". The book is written in a conversation tone like a friend is talking to you.

Genesis D

I thought Borley's book was outstanding. I follow her on IG and heard about her book that way. Very impressed by this masterpiece. Hope she puts out a Pt. 2.

Kofi Sarfo