How to Maintain Abstinence/ Celibacy (Practical Tips)

Celibacy 101

Yea I said it!

Today we are talking HOW TO maintain abstinent before marriage!

What is the why behind what you’re doing? I’ve found that if someone tells me to do something but I have no idea why I’m doing it, I’m more likely to eventually stop or lose motivation to do it because I’m not invested in the WHY!

So why celibacy? It’s in God’s design for us. Many times in the bible God calls us to live holy and pure and to flee from sexual immorality and all that good stuff. So today I’m going to help you with some ways I remain holy.

I’ve been practicing celibacy my whole life? I’ve found anytime I stray away from God’s design in ANY aspect of my life, it causes pain, so, I’m going to do my best to live above reproach. How:

  • Guarding Your Gates: Eyes, Mouth, Ears
    • Ears: Be careful what you listen to
      • Who you are friends with, what music are you listening to? What TV shows are you listening to? These things can make you want to do nasty things. These things can create a desire for you to be with someone in possibly an immoral way.
    • Mouth: What are you saying, how are you talking, are you sexually flirting, are you being sensual with your speech, what are you speaking over your life? The power of life and death lies in the tongue. Because what you are saying to others, what its attracting and what you are saying.
    • Eyes, who are you following on social media, what are you watching on tv.

More tips based on my experience:

  • Who you date: I, personally, have to date someone who has been celibate before me. Why? Because I’ve dated guys who are trying it for the first time and it has not worked out. Does it work, I’m sure, but it’s not for me. I need receipts.
  • Who is your accountability, who knows you’re on this journey and is motivating you to keep up the good work?
  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS!
  • It’s better to be more prepared than to be under prepared. Always set yourself up for success.
  • You need boundaries!!!! You need boundaries in your relationships and you need to set them early on! It’s hard to set boundaries once you already have a routine with someone.
  • Don’t settle for crap!

I hope this helps! What do you do to remain pure in your dating relationships? What are some boundaries that you have put in place?

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