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Its 2020 and I recently had some car trouble. (The first car trouble I've had since I bought my car in 2016 I might add) And it got me reminiscing on this blog I wrote when I bought my car. This car has been a joy and a gift from God. I've used it to teach people how to drive, get me everywhere I want to go, give people rides and so much more! It's a testimony that keeps on testifying lol. I always have to remind myself this is God's car. He's got me! PS. Lord lets let the next one be a G-Wagon.. paid off too! Lol enjoy...

Borley Quaye, 2016

Buying a car was definitely one of the top most stressful things in my life. It's not like going to college or buying a house because although they are much more expensive those loans I pay on over time. I bought my car in cold hard cash! I've always been frugal so the idea of that much money leaving my bank account was frightening to me. Simply because I knew that if I bought a lemon(a bad car) I wasn't getting that money back!

Another stressful thing about this process was that my people aren't car people. You know how some people are really good at buying cars. They know dealerships, mechanics, engines, makes and models. They know what's hot and what's not. My people don't know any of that stuff. My dad buys his cars new and keeps them until they die. When I called him for advice he basically said you're on your own!

Backstory: I felt like God told me to sell my car. Nothing was wrong with it mechanically. I just felt pushed to sell it. I thought it would be harder to sell my '03 C240 Benz then to buy a new car so I put it on the market and sold it in a week. Little did I know my indecisive behind would stall for months picking a car. Not just any car a used cash car with in my humble budget. Fast forward 6 long months of limited transpo later and I found and love my new car. There are things I enjoy that I wasn't able to enjoy with my last car, it makes me happy and it's a just a smooth. I thought it was crazy at the time to sell my car but God knows what He's doing and this is just another reason why I think you should trust Him and obey when He's pushing you to do something! He gets all the glory!

Ok so why didn't I just get a new car and finance? My journey to financial freedom wouldn’t let me. My bank was sending me pre-approvals for car loans. Loans for thousands of dollars that I didn't apply for with less than 2% interest rate. The problem? I didn't want to stand in front of my new Rodricas the Range Rover flashing my keys and having people congratulate me for just being in more debt! I think the true accomplishment is when you pay off ur car!! That's when people should stand in front of their cars flashing their keys! It's easy to sign a paper for a loan! It's hard to be disciplined over time to complete the payment! That's why a new car wasn't an option for me because I'm on a mission to financial peace aka being debt free! Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor who wrote the Total Money Makeover. He has a whole spiel on why you should pay for a cash car here

I'm not going to lie I spent the first 5 months riding around in ubers and calling them my personal drivers on Snapchat! I got used to the princess pickup. Uber-ing around was much easier than committing to a car that I knew was my sole responsibility to research, buy and handle after purchase!

The reason I really wanted to do this was for financial peace. Buying a cash car and not taking out a loan is hard, but its one step closer to me being debt free. I’m an anxious person and if I can do this with all the stress involved you can to. I absolutely LOVEEE my new car! Its not easy to obey God when you don’t understand why He’s doing what He’s doing and its not easy to put in extra work for your financial freedom and do what no one else is doing. Thankfully, I ended up being referred to an AMAZING dealership by a friend at church whom I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Jordan Rates at ) but I'm going to add a couple things to look for when you are purchasing a car! This post is especially for people who are interested in buying a car in cash but you can use these tips for any car!  

  1. Figure out your budget and do your research. Once you know your budget for the car, taxes and registration, you can start researching what you can afford. *be disciplined. Stay within your budget* There are blogs videos tips trick everything on the web. Be as knowledgeable about cars as possible!

For example: Mileage - A car that has 15k miles per year it's been around is healthy! Make sure the miles aren't through the roof. This is something I learned from google-ing "Tips for buying used cars"!

  1. Get an idea of what you want and get quotes from more than one dealership for the same car. Test drive at different dealerships. Look at local competitors pricing and bargain. If you're financing don't give them your SSN unless you are ready for them to run your credit. DO NOT BE PRESSURED BY ANYONE. Look those dealers thought I was crazy I wasn't even going to be pressured into giving anyone my number if I didn't want to lol! 
  1. 3. Find a trusted mechanic to look at the car on your test drive. If you don't know of one personally look up one who has amazing reviews online.
  1. Go to a trusted dealership. The one I can recommend to you is Jordan Rates at ... He personally took care of me and made sure I went home with an amazing car. He sells cars so quickly because he makes sure they are affordable and quality! His reputation is everything so he makes sure that his customers go home happy! From the short time I've known him he has been nothing short of integral and accommodating! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If you don’t read anything in this blog I want you to read that you can trust Jordan Rates at … and you should buy you cars from them! HeyBorley Certified! 

I know someone who works for a dealership that says they are bad bad bad and wouldn't even recommend his friends go there.

  1. 5. If you can get a warranty or a certified pre-owned car it might give you a peace of mind. It might be more expensive and I didn't do this but if it would have been in my budget I definitely would have.
  1. Have a car warming party with your close friends and name your car.

Buying a car is not easy! It's a big commitment and even if you make a toast over tea you should celebrate. I sold my last car Bertha the Benz 6 months ago and honestly I like my new car a whole lot better! It's a newer with all the same features and more!

Help me come up with a new name for my new Jetta. I'm leaning towards Jasmine the Jetta but I want to keep my options open! What do you guys think?!

Good luck out there! I know you're going to be great.



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