Happy Valentine's Week! 

Christian Singles... This might be your time.

Are you hoping for this Valentine's Day to be the last one that you spend single? If so, you might have just entered into the perfect space for you. For the past few years, I've been serving and empowering Christian singles and now I believe it's time to bridge the gap between our men and women and help them find the right partners for marriage. Join us in kicking off our Christian matchmaking beta test, and let's see how successful we can be at finding our God-fearing partners!

Our team believes there are three core criteria every suitable Christian match in this beta testing should meet:

1. Potential wives should be 26 years old and above and potential husbands should be 30 years old and above.

2. All potential suiters should be plugged into a church family (and it's highly recommended that they be actively serving in the church).

3. All potential suiters must be on an abstinence journey.

If you meet these criteria and you're interested in being added to the database of lovers, please fill out this survey below:
For the week of February 14-20, all interested parties will be added to the database for free (up to 50 men and 50 women). We are so excited to bring Christian singles together in hopes that you'll find a love that would last a lifetime! Let's get to matching!