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A speaker and changer of lives, Borley Quaye, uses her powers for good. With a focus on advancing the Kingdom of God, the author of the provoking book, Worth the Wahala, and graduate of Spelman College, challenges many to know their worth, make wise decisions and be the best they can be. Quaye is also the owner and curator of an international tour company, Afoko Adventures, which specializes in introducing foreign adventurers to the culture and country of Ghana, West Africa. Her mother, from upstate New-York and father, from Accra, Ghana raised her and her four siblings in a close-knit Christian home in Atlanta, GA. She gets her strong-will from her father and her kind-hearted nature from her mother. Her upbringing plays a big role in how she now pursues her kingdom and entrepreneurial endeavors. Request Borley for you upcoming events by sending a detailed email to borleazy@gmail.com.
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Title Wahala and Ghana Jollof. May 26, 2020
Anxiety, Depression and Uncertainty Prayer Call, April 2020